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Ask And Receive That Your Joy May Be Full

Ask and Receive

Ask And Receive That Your Joy May Be Full

The principle of life is that as we ask, we receive. Jesus promised in John that when we ask and receive, that our joy will be full.

John 16:24 – Until now you have not asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

Often we have not because we ask not. The Bible encourages us to ask so that we may receive and also that our joy may be full. We have the divine capacity and the free ability to ask. Our lives are made up of the things we have asked for in the past and the things we keep asking for. 

To ask is never to be understood as mere speech. On the contrary, to ask is to consistently perform the tasks necessary to produce the yields we desire. It means we operate out of living faith, the type of faith required to walk with God.

Faith is the currency we use to purchase what we ask for because as we believe , we receive.

In John 16, Jesus was teaching his followers the divine principle of asking and receiving. Up to that point they never understood the great principle that Jesus was about to teach them. Their lack of knowledge didn’t affect the presence and the function of this principle, as it has always been available to them. 

God wants to give us what we ask for but He is waiting on us to ask. Our task to ask can be quite difficult sometimes, yet there is no way around this principle of God. The truth is that it is inevitable for us to ask, because we must receive the things of God, and we also get the opportunity to fill our cups of joy.

Our very joy is dependent on our ability and boldness when we ask. We must know that we have what it takes to take what we want. As a result we must take what we want and so we must ask.

We must know that we have what it takes to take what we want.

Ask Until You Receive

To ask, as stated earlier is not mere speech. Sometimes to ask will mean to toil through long nights and to endure many fights in order to reach where we are going. It means to act in living faith. Jacob had to ask Labon for 14 years if he could marry Rachel (Genesis 29:18-30). If Jacob had given up in working for Labon in any of those years he would never have received his bride, but Jacob asked. 

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To ask can be a very lengthy process but we must ask because we must receive. Endurance is the key when we ask. We must wait on the Lord as He works things out in His own timing. I can assure you, with my confidence on His Word, that He will be faithful concerning the things He has promised.

As you move along, I implore you to ask of God what you require and your faithful God will follow up on His promise. You have what it takes and you must take what you want. God Bless You!

Useful Prayer: Dear God, I ask you for the divine capacity to ask that I may receive from your holy fountain the water of life. I pray that you will teach me how to endure as I believe You for what you have promised. Help me to help the people around me do the same. Amen.

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